Mar 28, 2023

P-litter 2 weeks old

Having turned 2 weeks old the little puppy-kids are now on the edge to a tremendous development over the next weeks.

P-litter 2 weeks c P-litter 2 weeks d


P-litter 2 weeks e P-litter 2 weeks f

At the beginning of the week the puppies only alternated between sleeping & eating. Still no sight or hearing. But despite that they all can now get up on their feet for a few seconds and try to have their first walking steps. Falling all the time, but keep practicing and proving that in the end “practice makes perfect”.
The moments when the whelping box is cleaned every day is so cherished. This gives us the chance to handle and cuddle the little puppies.

P-litter 2 weeks h 
On day 17th they all 4 opened their eyes and we also now have the impression that they slowly can begin to react on sounds. With eyes opened we also see more and more interaction between the puppies and their mother. “Biting” with their toothless gums in each other and their mom, and beginning to making small sounds when playing/interacting.

Patrizia 2 weeks a Paloma 2 weeks a
Red girl Green Girl
Petula 2 weeks a Penella 2 weeks a
Orange girl Girl w spot

On day 20 they all 4 decided it was time to crawl out of the whelping box for the first time, and starting to explore the world just outside of the whelping box. Quite remarkably they were ready for their first “adventure” at the same time, and jumped out of the box within a few seconds and like pearls on a string. Clever little girls!

P-litter 2 weeks a

P-litter 2 weeks b

P-litter 2 weeks g