Mar 19, 2023

P-litter - 1 week old

 P Red 1 week a P Green 1 week a 
 Red girl  Green girl
 P Orange 1 week a P Blis 1 week a 
 Orange girl  White spot girl

The puppies have now turned 1 week old, and are at this age still blind and deaf. Despite the lack of vision they have a fantastic ability to find the milk. They use their sense of smelling in combination with navigating after their mother`s warm body in order to find the milk bar.


P-litter 1 week e

At this age we handle the puppies at a minimum, and let their mother do her work. But, every day they are weighed so we can follow their development and if they are doing fine. All 4 girls have doubled their weight at day 8/9 and are getting stronger for each day. They have all 4 started the training to come up on their legs, but they are still very much like jelly. We have also observed their first small interactions with each other, i.e. playful “biting” at one of the sisters. They are now also able to do little scratch-like movements with the hind legs when they sleep or we tickle them gently on the stomach.

P-litter 1 week j 
At the end of the week it was time for the little puppies very first nail cut. Gently done while the girls were drinking milk or sleeping.


P-litter 1 week i

P-litter 1 week h

The puppies spend the time drinking milk and sleeping. And what a joy to sit at the whelping box to see how the little girls filled with Lexia´s good milk sleep relaxed and comfortably.

P-litter 1 week c P-litter - day 13
P-litter 1 week f P-litter 1 week g

P-litter 1 week d

One of the girls cuddling up with their favorite teddybear. The teddybear is filled with beans that can be heated in the microwave.

P-litter 1 week a