Mar 17, 2023

The puppies are born! - The P-litter

On the 6th of March our Lexia gave birth to 4 wonderful puppies! 4 little princesses!!

It is Lexia´s first litter but she knew right from the start what to do and when. Wonderful to see these strong instincts inherited through generations and all the way back to their wolf-ancestors.

O-litter day 1 c  O-litter day 1 b 

Photos from the first days after birth. (the spots on their croup is colored beeswax in order to distinguish the little girls from each other)

O-litter day 1 a


A little video of the 4 little girls at the milker (5 days of age):

For more details about the parents see under “Plans”. We are so grateful to Fabienne & Jean, the breeders of Royal Secret Du Domaine De Chanteloup, that they trusted us and allowed us to use him!!