Dec 12, 2020

O-litter - 9 weeks

The little puppy duo have now turned 9 weeks old, and this up date will be the last, before they will separate. We have had some wonderful weeks together with the two siblings and it has been such a privilege to follow their fantastic development from fragile newborns, to little clumsy tumblings and now having turned 9 weeks old beginning to look like little sighthounds:

Othello Othilia

Also this week we have tried to fill the days with lots of good and positive experiences for the 2 little puppy-children.

Having been vaccinated is was now also time to  introduce the puppies to other breeds of dogs – until now they have only said hello to Italian Greyhounds in our own household and at the Grand parents house. 

First meeting was with a nice and friendly Frenchie living only a short distance from home. In the beginning they were both a little suspicious, but soon they both started to walk side by side with this – in their opinion - strange brachycefalic breed with a totally different body language and expression :o)

The duo also had their first visit at training. At this young age we do not train the puppies, but use the courses for socialisation. This day they met 2 very sweet Cesky terriers, a very friendly Broholmer, a playful Australian Sheperd and a very young Grand Danois.

At home we constantly try to introduce the puppies to new experiences – new surfaces, serving the food in different ways and in different rooms, and equipment they can build up their balance. Here the two puppies is having a feast on the activity pillow:

We also had the pleasure to visit a very nice pet store specialising in raw food. The two little noses were really concentrating to process all the new odour impressions.

But the biggest hit with the puppies were a visit at a very large pet store. Both puppies were very interested to find the most attractive soft toy and also seemed very keen on trying out a cat cave :o)

Some of the meals are served in different ways – here you see the puppies with the activity balls. First video is with a ball they have used for several weeks (level 0) and at this age much too easy for them. And on the second video you see the puppies with a similar ball at level 1. They for sure now how to get the food :o)

The selection of toys is changes every day in order to keep the interest. Here Othello is seen investigating the new selection:

9 weeks old – and so ready to conquer the world:

Othello Othilia





The little prince and princess taking a cosy "sibling-nap":