Nov 10, 2020

O-litter - 2 weeks old


Finally time for up dates about the two little puppies! And they are both doing so fine!


In the first 2 weeks they are still in the whelping box all the time. The puppies can’t see or hear yet, and their whole world is about drinking milk and sleeping.  The moments when the whelping box is cleaned every day is so cherished. This gives us the chance to handle and cuddle the little puppies.
It is so life affirming to hold these little new lives – despite they are not able to see, hear or walk and seem so fragile they also seem so strong and willing to live when we see them finding their way to the milk bar and eagerly fill their little stomachs with mom’s milk.


For most part of the day they sleep. And they sleep with the characteristic little contractions, that occasionally contracts their whole body. This is necessary in order to train their muscles. If they only trained their muscles when awake they would not be able to build enough strength fast enough to get up on their feet and start walking.
At the age close to 2 weeks they can both get up on their feet for a few seconds and try to have their first walking steps. Still falling around all the time, but with a fantastic will to continue practising – despite the fact that they cannot see or hear anything. At this age it is also fantastic to experience that they are slowly getting interested in the surrounding world i.e. they can now recognise us by the smell and have started to interact with each other.


The puppies are weighed daily and have both been gaining weight as they should. After one week they have more than doubled their weight.