Dec 12, 2019

N-litter 7 weeks

7 weeks old and so eager to explore the world! This week the 4 little princes have been on several short car drives, and been visiting the local library and Grandma/Grandpa.

These trips also mean that it is time to start to learn how to walk in a leash! We started slowly by getting the smal boys used to the collars, and they were not very pleased with the new feeling around their neck :o) Next step was to try to put them on a leash, and because it is rather cold out side, we thought the first training would be more comfortable for them if we could do it indoor. So we took them to the library for the first time:

And here the boys are seen at the children’s corner at the library:

We have also been visiting Grandma/Grandpa and said hello to their dogs. And the small puppy-boys loved it! Here the boys are seen investigating the garden:

The puppies are born and raised in our kitchen, so they can get familiar with all the sounds, smells and everyday life in a busy family. Here the noisy vacuum cleaner is investigated:

It has also been time to visit the meadow for the first time. They immediately ran in all 4 directions, but soon realised the temperature and came back to us to get warmed under the jacket :o)

Lexia has surprisingly turned out to be the puppies reserve mom. She is not yet turned 2 years old and have not had puppies herself, but despite that she has so strong mother instincts and curls up together with the puppies as often as she can and plays patiently with them during the day. Lucky boys having a half-sister like this :o)

Busy boys ready to conquer the world but still small enough to appreciate a drink at the milk bar:


Nando Nepico
Nitino Ninno

Some of the best moments with the puppies is when they seek our lap when they get tired and need to find the best place to sleep. To feel their unconditional love and trust in us is so heart affirming.


The boys at 6 weeks and 6 days:

Nando Nepico
Nitino Ninno