mar 22, 2019

M-litter 2-weeks old

Jazettas two little princes have enjoyed a lazy and relaxed week – still sleeping and eating all the time :o) 
They both gain weight as expected and are sharing the milk bar in solidarity - only 15 g differs the two twin brothers.

This week is was time for the first deworming treatment. We felt a bit “evil” giving medicine to two little puppies not even able to hear or see, but both were very relaxed and unaffected – actually they didn´t seem to bother at all :o) Very cool kids :o) 

At the end of the week we have seen more and more interaction between the family-members (mom and kids), but now we also have a clear feeling that the puppies can recognise the 2-legged family-members by the sense of smell. What a fantastic privilege to feel the unconditional trust from the 2 small boys and their willingness to explore the surroundings – not even able to see or hear yet! Fantastic that one species (dog) can show this kid of interest and trust in another species (humans) 

The motoric skills are developing very fast and we can see progress from day to day. From only being able to crawl they now both try their very best to raise their little fat bellies from the ground and even tries to exercise the difficult discipline to have 4 legs coordinated in order to move forward :o) They fall all the time but keep exercising – the tumbling age has started:


Exactly 14 days old the two little boys started to open their eyes. It started as a little split in one of the eyes and slowly during the next couple of days they will open properly. The vision will slowly develop over the coming weeks and will first be fully developed at around 10 weeks old. The eyes starts with a bluish glow that later turns into these beautiful dark brown and expressive eyes so characteristic for the breed.


2 weeks - and very relaxed....: