apr 14, 2019

M-litter 5 weeks old

Jazettas two boys have had a week going full throttle from 4 to 5 weeks old!
In the beginning of the week we were blessed with wonderful spring weather and the boys were outside for the first time! They loved it and started right away to experience the new surroundings with new scents, sounds and soft grass under their feet. 

A couple of days later we had the small boys out on the meadow. The weather was not quite as nice, but still a wonderful new world openning up for the boys.



They are now fully integrated in the pack of adults and know who is who. They know that the youngest (Lexia) is always eager to play , Inuccia is the reserve mom and always willing to cuddle up together with the boys to nurse them and that the oldest in the household is better left alone when she is playing with one of her favourite plush toys :o)

It is important that the puppies have as many nice and positive experiences as possible at this age. The most important period in a dogs life is the time for socialisation. It starts at 3 weeks and continues until 3 months old. One of the things that we train is driving in a car. The boys were so cool and were just sitting calmly on the lap on the first short little car drive. 

The puppies also have to get used to eat in different places. That is the first training in order for the puppies to be able to be relaxed and fully enjoy changes in the environment. E.g when joining the family on trips. So sometimes the meal is served in a new room in the house or even outside.

The puppies have also started to play with some of our playground equipment, E.g. the tunnel and the wobble board:

Video (playground):

Video (wobble board):

Video (tunnel):

Busy boys but still fully enjoying cuddling up together with mom Jazetta:


Marcello Mondo