Apr 4, 2023

P-litter - 3 weeks old

The 4 little puppy-kids are now in a new stage of development and are more and more oriented towards exploring their surroundings. Still all the time in our kitchen, but from day to day they move a little further away from the base (= the sleeping bed). The puppies have now left their whelping box and moved into a bed with a lower front. The little girls need a fast route out of the bed, as they have an important thing to do…… they want to relieve themselves outside the sleeping-zone. Until now they have needed their mothers help to relieve.

P-litter 3 weeks a
At 3 weeks and a couple of days they were introduced to puppy-food for the first time. Always a little messy, but all 4 did so fine:
The 4 little girls have now also got their names! Let´s introduce our P-litter:

Patrizia 3 weeks Paloma 3 weeks
Patrizia (Red) Paloma (Green)
Petula 3 weeks Penella 3 weeks
Petula (Orange) Penella (white spot)

At the end of the week it was time for their second nail cutting. All sleeping their beauty sleep and totally unaffected by the nail scissor.

 P-litter 3 weeks c
The puppies still sleep the majority of the day, but when awake they use their little mouth all the time. “tasting” and biting in everything. Still pretty harmless, but we can now feel the little puppy teeth developing in their upper jaw. Soon we will have 4 little piranha’s :)

At this age we have also seen Lexia´s first attempts to play with the little puppies. So lovely to see how she rely on her instincts.
 P-litter 3 weeks b

Their ears have now also opened and they can now hear. Just as their vision, their ability to hear and i.e. use it to orientation/direction will continue developing over the next weeks, but we have now started the sound “vaccination” – listening to thunder, fireworks etc. so they can get used to that type of sounds also. But not sound vaccination all the time – they also enjoy soft classic tones :)