Dec 11, 2020

O-litter - 8 weeks

Othello Othilia


Having turned 8 weeks old our little duo has increased the social activities. Each day we try to find new positive activities. But in the beginning of the week we had to introduce the puppies to one of the less nice experiences – their first visit to the vet in order to have their first vaccination:

They were both very brave and forgave the vet immediately after and started to eat the treats again :o)

And with the vaccinations in place the duo were ready to expand their social activities, and being born in the winter period we try to find good indoor activities for the little puppies.

Here visiting a very cosy and dog friendly pet shop in Ringe – and seen saying hello to one of the customers:

A visit at the shopping mall Rosengaardscenteret in Odense:

And at the railway station in Odense. A trip that included an indoor carpark, first try in a lift and carried in the arms on the escalator and a visit on the tracks:


At 8 weeks old they can only be awake for a short while, and all the new activities have to be relatively for a short time in order to ensure that the experience will continue to be positive. And nothing better than to curl up together with the other dogs after a good adventure. Here Othello is seen curled up together with mom Jazetta and auntie Lexia:


Othello Othilia