Dec 7, 2020

O-litter - 7 weeks

The little puppy-duo have now turned 7 weeks old and their development physically as well as mentally continue to go so fast – what they cannot do one day, they can manage the day after:

Othello Othilia

We have also this year been blessed with wonderful mild winter weather, so the two little puppies are outside several times every day. And they really have fun running after each other or playing with & tasting all the withered leaves from the trees.

This week the puppies have been ID marked. We try hard to fill in every day in the puppies lives with positive experiences. So knowing that the ID marking will make the little puppies cry really hurt our hearts. They both screamed at the moment when the chip was implanted, but they both seemed to have forgotten the bad experience a few seconds after. Thank you to the Kennel clubs experienced ID marker :o)

During this week we have started training the puppies to the transport crate. We introduce the crate to them as a cosy cave, where they can play, sleep and feel safe & secure – always with the crate door open. Later we will train locking the door only for at few seconds while giving the puppies some treats. That way they learn that the crate is a nice place that can be used i.e. when driving in the car.

The puppies still needs to sleep a lot – often finding a funny “sleeping position”:

The 2 little puppy-kids at 7 weeks old and in the process of slowly transforming to the sighthound shape:

Othello Othilia