Nov 28, 2020

O-litter - 6 weeks

Two little puppies ready to explore the world:

During this week we have introduced the two kids to several new surroundings and have slowly increased the time they are away from home. They can at this age still only be awake for a rather short time so to be sure the new experiences are meet in a positive way they are not away from the safe and wellknown homebase for longer periods . 

For the first time we have been visiting the Grandparents and their boys. The puppies immediately recognised the "big boys" as part of the family and had fun playing with the boys and afterwards they curled up tired on the lap together with uncle Kenzo:

And for the first time we brought the kids to a shopping mall 20 km from home. Their longest car drive ever and they were both sitting comfortably and relaxed on the lap. The little puppies are slowly getting the impression that the world is much bigger than the family home:


The weather is still mild and we have the little kids outside every day. Here on the meadow for the first time:

And after all the new impressions it is wonderful to curl up in the bed again with either auntie Lexia or mom Jazetta:

6 weeks old:

Othello Othilia