Nov 28, 2020

O-litter - 5 weeks

The dynamic duo at 5 weeks:

Othello Othilia

A puppy´s development is incredible in the first weeks of their life - each day they can do more and more. So we felt that the two kids were now ready for their very first car drive ever (only a few minutes) - and they behaved just as we had hoped for :o)

We have really been blessed with some mild weather for November, and it was time for the puppies very first visit in the garden - as you can see it was highly popular with the 2 puppy-kids:

O-litter 5 weeks j

We have also this week for the first time been visiting the local library - and they behaved so nicely both of them! And that was not the only new thing introduced to them that day - for the very first time we had them on a leash. A collar is a "bad" thing to introduce to a little Iggy baby, and a leash is considered even worse, but both behaved so nicely on their first trip away from home:

The puppies are in the middle of their important socialisation period, so we constantly try to introduce them to positive experiences. Here one the of the puppies learning that the "noisy house-monster" is not dangerous and actually can be fun to play with (= turning a potentially bad experience into a good one):

Now the two little puppies have been introduced to all the rooms of the house - here seen with auntie Lexia and auntie Hathea - learning how to prune the plants :o)  :

The dynamic duo at 5 weeks:

Othello Othilia





Time for a nap in their preferred position - close to each other and to one of the 2- legged family-members: