Nov 14, 2020

O-litter - 4 weeks

Othello Othilia

Othello and Othilia are doing great. Slowly starting to explore their surroundings. In the beginning of the week it was the kitchen that was explored, but they develop so fast from day to day so at the end of the week they have started to explore the other rooms in the house. We bring their bed to the new room so they have a well known “base” to seek back to when they get tired.

During this week the puppies have also been introduced to the rest of the dog family. Especially Inuccia and Lexia are very interested in the puppies and have been so eager and curious to meet the puppies. Young Lexia primarily wants to play with the puppies, but Inuccia who herself have had puppies, also love to cuddle up together with the puppies. Wonderful to see how the little puppies are curious to meet the other dogs and start to play with them.

Here it is Inuccia cuddling up with the little puppy-duo:

Othello Othilia