Nov 11, 2020

O-litter - 3 weeks old

A lot has happened in the week between 2 and 3 weeks old. At 15 days and 17 days respectively the little boy and girl slowly started to open their eyes. They cannot see much yet, but the vision will slowly develop during the next weeks.

The little prince and princess have now also been named. Let´s introduce:



Slowly we start to introduce the little puppies to a new “home-base”. Until this age they have been in the whelping box all the time, but now we start to introduce the puppies to a new bed with a low front so the puppies can crawl/tumble out of the bed. They have a very important purpose to leave the bed – they want to relieve themselves outside the sleeping area. Until now their mom has had to lick/nurse them in order for the puppies to relieve themselves. It is so impressive to observe their strong will to find their way out of the bed and back again. Still with the use of only very few senses.

From 3 weeks and on we also start their “sound training programme”. We introduce them to all kinds of potentially scary sounds like thunder, gunshots, traffic, babies crying i.e. And they sleep, eat and play totally unaffected. At this age the “background music" is still at a low volume, but it will gradually be raised during the next weeks.

At 3 weeks + a couple of days we tried to introduce food to the puppies for the first time. Actually it was not that popular :o) – the milk supplies are still rich and it took a couple of days to convince the little puppies that puppy food can be a very nice supplement to their favourite milk :o)

See the puppies first try with food:

The puppies still sleep most of the time only interrupted shortly i.e. when they drink milk. And with only two puppies in the litter the milk supplies are rich and they gain weight very fast :o)