Dec 1, 2019

N-litter 6 weeks old

Finally, we had some nice weather and the boys could come out in the garden for the very first time. They immediately ran in all directions to investigate the new surroundings, but  they soon realised the unpleasant drop in temperature and ran towards the warm house again :o) Outdoor living is very fine according to the small boys, but so far in very small doses :o)

Back home from the big adventure conquering the garden it was so good to curl up together with your siblings at Mom Inuccia´s milkbar – though it is getting a little crowdy:

And soon sleeping and probably dreaming about a lawn with ground heating :o)

Soft and warm blankets are part of the genetic heritage of this breed, but once in a while you see them sleep in strange and awkward positions. Here Mom Inuccia seems not to have realised that only 50% of the body is within the bed:

But mostly they curl up closely together in the dog bed or on a lap:

During the week it was also time for the very first car drive – and that was very popular among our little globetrotters :o) 

At this age they  have been visiting all rooms in the house, and are eager to explore more. Next week we will begin to take them on small visits to places outside the house/garden.

4 little adorable boys:

Nando Nepico
Nitino Ninno

5 weeks and 6 days old - and slowly beginning to look like little sighthounds:

Nando Nepico
Nitino Ninno


Nando Nando
Nepico Nepico
Nitino Nitino
Ninno Ninno