maj 14, 2019

M-litter 9 weeks old

Marcello Mondo

Marcello & Mondo have now turned 9 weeks old, and we have been a little delayed with the weekly up date :o) 
Their socialisation is now running on full speed and we try to introduce new things to the boys every day. The boys can also walk longer each day, and we can now walk so far from our home that we have also said “hello” to the local cows :) That were quite a handful for the boys, and they both had to sit for at while and just observe the strange smelling and behaving animals :o)

We have this past week been on a trip to Odense and introduced some “city-things” to the boys such as a parking house, lift, escalator, and a busy railway station. The boys behaved so well and attracted a lot of attention. No doubt the sweetest visitors at the station that day :o)

Marcello and Mondo have also been to their first training class. At this age they do not take part in the actual training, but it is a perfect place for the puppies to meet sweet and well behaved dogs of many different breeds. From the small to big, with fluffy hair and no visible eyes, with flat noses, with different ear setting and tail setting. Both boys were so curious and charmed several dogs and dog owners :o)

During this week we have also had the pleasure to have an “exchange student” from Italy living with us. Our little Iggies and especially the puppy-boys really enjoyed the attention from Tomasso. So their little ears have already listened to the beautiful Italian language :o) 

There are different “programs” for the best possible socialisation, one is “The rule of Sevens”. Meaning that the puppy at 7 weeks must have experienced 7 of different “challenges”. I.e. experienced 7 different places (whelping box, different rooms in the house, garage, garden, car…..) walked on 7 different types of floor (wooden, tiles, grass, carpet, stone, cement, asphalt…..) played with 7 different types of toys, eaten 7 different places, met or played with 7 different humans and animals (young/old, female/male, with/without beard, other dogs/breeds, other animals (horses, cows etc), heard 7 different loud noises and so on. The boys have been eagerly participating in all “challenges” we have introduced to them. We coulden´t be more proud of our brave, sweet tempered, curious and beautiful boys :o) A huge THANK YOU to Nathalie (de Magistris, France) letting us use M´As Tu Vu de Magistris for this litter!!

The first part of Marcello and Mondo´s puppy-hood are soon coming to an end and the boys have been through an enormous development during the first 9 weeks. From the little hippoes they were at 2-3 weeks old and more similar to labrador-puppies, we can now begin to see the making of the small elegant sight hounds they soon will become:

Marcello Mondo


Marcello Marcello


Mondo Mondo