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      Date: Jan 10, 2018
     Title: L-litter 3-5 days old

The 3 little wonders are getting stronger day by day. We have now passed the first critical day&nights and all are thriving perfectly.

The puppies are born totally helpless. They can´t see or hear, and they even need their mother´s help to relieve themselves. Inuccia is the best possible mother. She doesn´t leave the welpingbox voluntarily and have to be carried out to go for a pee in the garden. She also demands all meals to be served laying or sitting in the welpingbox. The 3 little wonders certainly do not lack their mothers attention :)

At this age the puppies only need their mothers attention and human handling kept at a minimum. The only time they leave the welpingbox is when they are weighed and the welpingbox is cleaned. These few moments are so precious to us - to handle these little new lives are such a wonderful experience.  Here the puppies are seen at 3 days old curling up on our lap and with Inuccia as close as possible :)

The puppies here seen at 5 days old:

Female 1
Female 2

The majority of time the puppies are sleeping. At this age they sleep with the characteristic small muscle contractions and often seen with their mouth a little open and using their tongue as if they where drinking milk. All dreams seems to be spinning around "drinking milk" :)

The 3 little musketeers share the milk bar very solidarily - they only differ with 13 g from the "smallest" to the "largest".

In this video you can see how most hours are spent - sleeping (= the sleep of 3 little Sleeping Beauties):

The sleeping is only interrupted when it is time for a drink at the milk bar or the sleeping position is changed to an even more comfortably position: