maj 6, 2019

M-litter 8 weeks old

Marcello Mondo

Jazetta´s two golden boys have now turned 8 weeks old which mean that they are in the middle of their important socialisation period. Every day must bring new positive experiences/adventures, and meeting other animals is also part of the boys “training program”. Here they are meeting one of the horses that Ulrikke know very well:

And next looking for swimming ducks in a little lake in the neighbour city. “Moving objects” like swimming ducks are now easily caught by the eyes of the little sighthounds and attract their attention fully.

At the end of the week the weather has now turned a little more cold and windy, but not colder than the boys are taken out on a daily small walk by the leash. They behave so very well and attract a lot of positive attention where ever we go!

We have also payed a visit to a shopping mall. They were very curios about the new surroundings, and besides saying hello to people, the boys had their very first try with stairs :o)

Every day we change their selection of toys. Doing that they find the "new" toys interesting to investigate and it keeps their interest. Here Marcello & Mondo are seen eagerly helping to choose the toy of the day by crawling into the rear end of the “treasure box” in order to find the best toy.

Some of their meals are now served so the boys have to use their little noses to find the food. Here they have to find the food pellets in the play-house filled with balls:

video - the baby boys searching for food in the play house:

At 8 weeks it was time for their first visit at the vet and to be vaccinated. Besides charming the personel they had plenty of time to investigate the whole clinique, and the little noses were really working “hard” - especially in the reception area filled with food and play stuff :o) And the vaccination they both hardly noticed being so very busy eating treats :o) Definitely a very nice and succesful trip to the vet for their vaccination :o) 

Afterwards the two boys slept a lot with their antibody/immune system working at high speed in their little bodies. So the rest of the afternoon were spent relaxing like this:

The best way to wake up after a good sleep is laying close together with your twin brother and best body starting to chew the favourite bone:


We use a lot of time with each puppy when they are calm, relaxed and sleeping. This way they learn that they do not only get the 2-legged family members attention when playing and in full activity. They also get lots of positive attention from us when they are calm and interested in curling up to relax. That could be chewing a bone that we hold and laying on our lap or when they are ready to take a nap. Here Marcello have curled up closely to the our head and enjoying a little sun bathing :o)


Marcello Mondo


Marcello Marcello


Mondo Mondo