apr 28, 2019

M-litter 7 weeks old


Marcello Mondo

The 2 golden boys  have now reached an age where they are ready to meet the “world” beyond their home base. But, in order to be able to take them outside the home and garden it is necessary for them to get used to collar and lead. Both boys didn´t take much notice of wearing the collar for the first time. Only a few times they stopped playing to scratch their neck and being this unaffected by the collar we tried with the lead in a part of the garden that they do not know yet. So their little noses started to investigate the new surroundings and we just followed the little boys in the direction they preferred. Being this skilled already we felt that they were ready to go on their first trip using collar & lead! So the boys went with us to the local public library, and they really had fun running around the book shelves with us trying to follow them :o) 

At 7 weeks we also had a visit by the ID tagger (chip). Not the most fun thing for the boys, but it was done very quickly and the bad experience was immediately  forgotten and even the ID marker were forgiven right away. It is probably one of the most experienced ID taggers in DK. He has been visiting breeders and tagging puppies for many, many years, and we ourselves have had the privilege of his knowledge and capable hands right from our very first litter more than 30 years ago :o). 

Marcello and Mondo have also been on their longest car drive yet. 20 km each way and they slept the majority of the time in the arms! The target of the drive was a visit to a small pet store where dogs and puppies are in focus! It is a wonderful place for their first visit to a town, meeting customers in a store and all the smells and sounds that belongs to a shop! Both boys really charmed people on the street and the shop was a huge hit!! The shop owner lay down on the floor and gave delicious treats to the two playful boys. They had a blast!! Besides playing and eating treats a little time was also spent trying different collars and harnishes. With brand new collars and leads the two lads are now ready to more adventures :o)

The warm spring weather is still smiling at us and a lot of time is spent outside. The puppies have even been introduced to a real summer activity – pool life :o) or perhaps fishing pond is more correct :o) We use a small mechanical fish to attract their attention and it is so much fun to see the boys getting more and more eager to catch the fish and in the end ending with all four paws in the water to chase the fish. Their sight is still not 100% developed, but they have come a long way already and can easily see and follow the movements of the fish!

Enjoy the 2 small fishermen on the videos:

Though the activity level of the boys has increased a lot at this age sleeping is still needed many times every day. One of the boys favourite positions is to curl up on our laps and hiding their nose/head under our arms. We spend a lot of time every day with the puppies sleeping on our lap/in the arms and being softly padded. These oxytoxine “baths” are so important for the puppies in order to be able to bond warm and closely to humans when they grow up. And for us two legged it is one of the most rewarding time spent when raising a litter – to feel their 100% trusting in us are so fantastic!

And enjoying a warm spring - two baby boys "sun bathing":


Marcello Mondo


Marcello Marcello


Mondo Mondo