mar 3, 2019

The day of birth is getting closer!

After months of planning and 9 weeks of pregnancy we really look so much forward to see what Jazettas stomach is hiding. The main topic in the family these days is guessing about the number of puppies, color, sex etc :o)
Jazettas wasp waist has long gone, but her new “chubby" shape doesn´t influence her spirit or energy – i.e. she still insists on being in the lead on the daily walks together with the other dogs.

Jazetta - drægtig

Only a few days left for the litter to come and Jazetta has now been to the final rutine check up appointment at the vet.. At this phase she is now also under constant observation in order to pick up the very first signs that the labour has started.
When Jazetta is relaxing it is now easy to feel the puppies moving under the skin when they move the legs or turn their heads – sometimes the puppies “kick” is so hard that it is even visible through Jazettas skin. So wonderful and life-affirming to be able to see and feel the little puppies at this stage! 

You can get a little glimpse of the activity level at this video: